History of the Piper PA23 Apache

 The Piper Apache stems from a design found in the files of the Stinson Aircraft Division of Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation, the assets of which Piper purchased in 1948.

N1953A c/n 01, the prototype “Twin Stinson” first flew in June 1952 from Pipers factory at Lock Haven PA. It was a 4 seat twin tailed design with a fabric covered steel tube fuselage and inner wings. With a fixed tricycle undercarriage and a pair of 125HP Lycoming 0-290’s it was underpowered and had appalling handling with a bad case of the “shakes” at any respectable speed. Piper tried in vain to improve things by adding a single fin, the design coming from the PA6 Sky Sedan – a 1942 design that did not go into production. Eventually Piper had to redesign the aircraft from the cabin rearwards, thus giving birth to the PA23 Apache.

The PA23 has an all metal skin, more powerful 0-320’s, retractable undercarriage and c/s props. The prototype, N23P C/n 23-1, first flew on 27/5/1953 with certification being achieved on 2/2/1954.



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  1. we had a 1955 apache serial number 127 great plane

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