Reliable and Economical Flight Multi-Engine Trainer

Piper Geronimo at Montana Diamond Aire

Piper Geronimo at Montana Diamond Aire

With the price tag for a new twin-engine trainer at around $750K, a Piper Geronimo conversion is an economical alternative and a rugged addition to any flight training program.

Powered by Lycoming 180 HP engines, this six-seat aircraft has the ability to take off and land on shorter fields easily clearing 50ft obstacles.

For a sampling on how the Piper Geronimo compares to the other popular multi-engine trainers, please visit our new weblog page

Montana diamond Aire currently has Piper Apache airframes availble for made-to-order conversions to Piper Geronimo.  Order yours today and be in the air by early 2010!

Engine upgrade to factory-new Lycoming 360Io 200HP fuel-injected roller cam equipped engines are available now for Piper Geronimo.  This upgrade is fully STC’d.

We will be updating our website, to include more detailed performance specs.

For more info on the Piper Geronimo, please email


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