Piper Geronimo Multi-Engine Trainer

Piper Geronimo

Piper Geronimo


Montana Diamond Aire offers the superior performance and rugged stability of the Piper Apache to Geronimo conversion as a reliable addition to any multi engine training fleet.

Tens of thousands of dollars were spent on engineering to obtain the optimum performance from the Apache airframe. Every change was meticulously designed and mated to the basic aircraft. Rigorous examination, with an abundance of in-flight testing, was completed on each innovation before submitting it to the FAA for approval. The thoroughness of the program is attested to by the complete lack of Airworthiness Directives recorded against the Geronimo during the 30 years it has been on the market.

Please note the performance specification comparison charts below.      

Piper Geronimo Performance Comparison Chart

Piper Geronimo Performance Comparison Chart


We currently have Apache airframes in stock for coversion to Piper Geronimo.  Order your conversion today and be in the air in early 2010!

We are also offering the full conversion with the factory-new fuel-injected Lycoming 360 IO 200 HP roller cam equipped engine upgrade!  This is a fully STC’d upgrade.

Please email john@diamondaire.com for info and pricing.


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