We Are Now Selling Fuel!

After tank upgrades, we are now selling 100LL and Jet A fuels at Montana Diamond Aire.  We have also remodeled our lobby and pilot’s lounge areas.  John Talmage at Montana Diamond Aire is proud to show off the newly decorated lobby and coffee bar at the shop, be sure to stop by when you’re in the neighborhood!

Upgraded fuel pumps make refueling a gas photo by John Talmage Montana Diamond Aire

Upgraded fuel pumps make refueling a gas. photo by John Talmage Montana Diamond Aire


Space Shuttle Lauched Delayed For The Fifth Time!

The space shuttle Endeavor’s launch was scrapped again today due to thunderstorms in the Kennedy Space Center area.   We have been in Florida for the past few days and this was our second attempt to view the launch.  The only video that we were able to capture was the Endeavor sitting on the launch pad.  Today’s mission was aborted 9 minutes before lift-off.

We have made use of our time in Florida by visiting Disneyworld and making new friends in the Clearwater area.  Still undecided whether we will make another attempt to view Endeavor’s launch on Wednesday evening.

Check out these photos of our trip!

In Florida Gator mating season is in full swing so these guys will show up just about anywhere!

In Florida Gator mating season is in full swing so these guys will show up just about anywhere!Mickey and Fred

Experimental Aircraft Crashes

Experimental Aircraft Crashes Into Hangar Near Homestead Florida Today

Piper Aztec Ready To Go

Piper Aztec

Plane Lands on Interstate 95 Near Daytona Florida

Plane lands on Interstate 95

The Piper Geronimo

Piper Geronimo The Geronimo/Piper Geronimo was an American four/five-seater cabin monoplane. The Geronimo was a 1966 conversion of the Piper PA-23, replacing the engines with two Lycoming O-360-A1D four-cylinder horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine providing a top speed of 335 kmh. Other minor modifications were also made to the structure of the original Piper PA-23, including a one-piece wrap-around windscreen, changes to the shape of the wing tips and a longer nose cone.

Read more about the Montana Diamond Aire STC’d Piper Apache to Geronimo conversion on the Plane and Pilot Magazine website

Montana Diamond Aire currently has Piper Apache airframes available for made-to-order conversions to Piper Geronimo.  Order yours today and be in the air by early 2010!

Please visit or email for more info.

Piper PA 23 circa 1953

Piper PA Circa 1953