Piper Geronimo Conversion Safety and Stability

Like This Classic Car, a Meticulously Maintained Piper Geronimo Conversion By Montana Diamond Aire Will Provide Safety and Stability For Years to Come!

Like This Classic Car, a Meticulously Maintained Piper Geronimo Conversion By Montana Diamond Aire Will Provide Safety and Stability For Years to Come!


When we overhaul an Apache airframe, we completely strip the aircraft inside and out. All of the tail surfaces are removed including the vertical and horizontal stabilizers. We have STC SA2793SW which is a rudder bracket reinforcement, SA4007SW which is a structural improvement parts kit for the flaps and elevators. The whole aircraft is powerwashed inside and out, all surfaces are inspected. The landing gear gets updated (much-stronger) drag links, the tail system attach areas get a doubler added and all new attachment hardware before the tail components are reinstalled. All hoses are replaced, control surface hinges/bearings…all hydraulic components overhauled, all moving parts in the whole airframe get re-bushed or bearings replaced as applicable….the list gets pretty long. In short, we are very thorough with our airframe overhauls.

Montana Diamond Aire has several Piper Apache airframes available for made-to-order Piper Geronimo Conversions.  Order today and we can have you in the air by early 2010!

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Piper Geronimo Instrument Panels

Piper Geronimo Instrument Panel Daytime View

Piper Geronimo Instrument Panel Daytime View

  John Talmage at Montana Diamond Aire has designed this fiber-optic back-lit Geronimo instrument panel.  This fiber-optic lit panel with back-lit guages is also available for Piper Aztec, Piper Apache, and Piper Apache to Geronimo conversions.  Fiber-optic lit panels are not included with standard Piper Aztec and Piper Apache enhancements kits as of yet.  Please visit for more info.

Back-lit guages on Geronimo instrument panel nighttime view
Back-lit guages on Geronimo instrument panel nighttime view

Piper Apache to Geronimo Conversion Enhancements

A custom paint application completes this Piper Apache to Piper Geronimo conversion.  Photo by Maegan Blankenbeckle.

A custom paint application completes this Piper Apache to Piper Geronimo conversion. Photo by John Talmage.

Montana Diamond Aire has just completed a full conversion of a Piper Apache to Piper Geronimo.  Upgrades included a fiber-optic back-lit Geronimo instrument panel, Piper Apache Vortex Generator, custom paint aplication, and custom leather and vinyl upholstered interior.  These features are in addition to the standard Piper Apache enhancement kits. 

We currently have Piper Apache airframes available for made-to-order conversions to Piper Geronimo.  Order yours today and be in the air by early 2010.

Montana Diamond Aire now offers a factory-new Lycoming 360IO fuel-injected 200HP roller-cam equipped engine upgrade for the Piper Geronimo.  This upgrade is fully STC’d.  Test flight data for this upgrade will be posted on this blog and on  Please email for pricing and more info.

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Photo by Maegan Blankenbeckle

Photo by John Talmage.

Piper Apache Enhancement Kits

Montana Diamond Aire has the following Piper Apache enhancement kits available:

Full Main Wheel Gear Door Kit 

Main wheel full clamshell door kit includes complete streamlined door housing/fairings for both sides, and all necessary gear door actuator components and hardware. Adds about 5 Mph to cruise, and very noticeable increase in climb performance.


The nose is 16 inches longer than standard with a baggage compartment.

Wing Tips

Improves lateral stability, stall characteristics and appearance. Increases speed approximately four mph, decreases take-off distance and lowers the stall speed. The wing span is reduced by 22 inches.


Same aerodynamic advantages as the regular wing tips plus an increase of 48 gallons of fuel capacity.


Reduces single engine control speed and yaw tendency in turbulence. Greatly improves single engine performance.


Greatly improves the appearance and single engine performance of the aircraft. Includes fiberglass horizontal stabilizer fairings (both sides) for a slightly increased airspeed.


Increases speed & directional control, and is more streamlined in appearance.


Flap gap seals lower the stalling speed and increases the rate of climb, cruise and top speeds, especially when heavy or at high altitudes.

One Piece speed slope windshield kit

Quarter-inch thick, distortion free plexiglass. Much more streamlined than the standard one piece windshield. Increases airspeed up to four mph. Tremendous improvement in appearance and style. Includes new fiberglass cowler and hardware. Available in green tint or solar gray for additional $60.


Improves airflow for reduced drag, a slight increase in airspeed and an enhanced appearance.


Replace the original with impact resistant fiberglass. Eliminates problems of metal fatigue, cracking, splitting and repairs.


Greatly improved sealing for your protection. Considerably lower cabin noise and lasts longer than other door seals. Available with either electric or manual pump. Call with specific application. This enhancement also approved for Aztecs.


Available in several different options. Call for details


Approved for Aztec, Apache & Geronimo aircraft, this one-piece design eliminates cockpit display clutter and is shock-mounted to isolate full panel. Several panel styles include back-lighting or post-lighting, engine instrumentation and radio configuration options. Dual centerstack design with option for copilot instruments. Kit price consists of STC paperwork, eight Lord mounts and complete installation plans only. Swing-down buss/ switch panel optional. Custom cut panels and pre-fabricated PMA bracket sets available. This STC affords the owner/installer great latitude in customizing panel to fit individual avionics & instrumentation needs without the need for a field approval. Installation available, call for details. We also offer a new fiberglass glareshield in two styles for $389. Note: PMA approved, 2-1/4 inch round, dual backlit engine instrumentation/fuel gauges available soon!

Rear Baggage Compartment Kit

Aluminum construction, measures 33 inches deep, 36 inches high. Extends cabin & baggage area to create a more modern interior appearance.


Aztec Style available in several different options. Improves passenger comfort, styling and appearance. Call for details.


Includes upgrading system to dual Cleveland brake calipers. Holds aircraft during application of full power engine run-up and shortens landing roll. Especially useful with gross weight increase STC.


Reduces noise level to a point of normal conversation. Improves passenger comfort and is an effective barrier against heat transfer. Can be installed with or without the purchase of a new interior.

For prices, photos and more, please visit or email John Talmage.