Cabin Door Repair

Cabin Door

 Montana Diamond Aire offers service and repair for Piper Aztec, Apache and Geronimo cabin doors.  We can replace handles and locks, add child safety locks.  We can also replace worn door panel upholstery.  Please email for info and pricing.

The New Generation Piper Geronimo Flight Test Update

Piper Geronimo Ground Engine Test April 2009

Piper Geronimo Ground Engine Test April 2009


We will begin in-flight testing for the Lycoming 360IO 200 HP fuel-injected, roller-cam equipped engine Piper Geronimo later this week!  Keep checking back as we will be posting the results here as soon as we compile the data.

Montana Diamond Aire currently has Piper Apache airframes available for made-to-order conversions to Piper Geronimo.  Order yours today and be in the air by early 2010! 

The new roller-can fuel injected Lycoming 360IO engine upgrade is also available for our Apache to Geronimo conversions!  These are factory-new engines.

Press Accolades For Our Piper Geronimo Conversion!

Aircraft Marketplace Article
Aircraft Marketplace Article

We are pleased to announce that our Piper Apache to Geronimo conversion was featured as the “Bird of the Week” for April 22nd on the Aircraft Marketplace website.

To view the entire article, please go to .

S’no Stopping Us at Montana Diamond Aire!


Christmas Eve at Montana Diamond Aire

Christmas Eve at Montana Diamond Aire


Looking for Piper Apache Vortex Generators,  Fiber-optic back-lit Geronimo instrument panel, 180 Hp Lycoming Engine, Piper conversion enhancements, Piper Instrument Panels, Engine Instrumentation, Piper Apache Enhancement Kits, Piper Apache To Geronimo Conversions, Prop Conversion-Tip Props, Piper Speed Mods, One Piece Speed Slope Windshield, Fiberglass Engine Nose Bowl. Fiberglass Nacelles, 2-1/4″ Dual-Needle STC’D Backlit Gauges, 3-1/8″ Dual Electric STC’D Tachometer?
We got them all at Montana Diamond Aire!

Montana Diamond Aire

The only company dedicated to the Piper PA23 series aircraft. As exclusive holder of the majority of the STC’s in existence, we can provide everything you need from avionics installations to airframe overhaul to complete conversions.