See Photos of Piper Aztec Tail Removal

We have posted photos of the Piper Aztec tail removal that was executed last week.

Follow this link to view them.

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Our Updated Website

Our Updated Website


We have given our website a new look!  The updated site is now viewable in all browsers.

Aztec Start Up Video

Check out our engine startup test of our current project- complete Aztec overhaul.

Complete Piper Aztec Overhaul


Piper Aztec Complete Overhaul and Restoration Before

Piper Aztec Complete Overhaul and Restoration Before


The Piper Aztec pictured above is currently undergoing a complete restoration and overhaul.  Upgrades will include a new interior, custom paint job, new engines and nacelles, and instrument panel.  We will be posting the final “after” photos of this project once finished.

At Montana Diamond Aire we not only perform complete Piper Apache to Geronimo conversions but all types of modifications and upgrades for Piper Aztecs and Apaches.  Visit our website for a listing of our fully STC’d modifications or email .

Please note the performance chart below for the Piper Aztec if you are considering a twin-piston aircraft purchase.


Piper Aztec

Take-off Distance, 50-foot obsacle (Ft)


Landing Distance, 50-foot obsacle (Ft)


Gross Weight


Useful Load


Max Payload (Full Fuel)


Fuel Capacity


Range @ 65% Power


Cruise Speed @ 65% Power (Kts)


Rate of Climb (Sea Level)


Single Engine Rate of Climb (Sea Level)


Service Ceiling


Single Engine Service Cieling



Lycoming 250 Hp IO-540-C4B5

Total Fuel Burn/Hr


Piper Geronimo Conversion Safety and Stability

Like This Classic Car, a Meticulously Maintained Piper Geronimo Conversion By Montana Diamond Aire Will Provide Safety and Stability For Years to Come!

Like This Classic Car, a Meticulously Maintained Piper Geronimo Conversion By Montana Diamond Aire Will Provide Safety and Stability For Years to Come!


When we overhaul an Apache airframe, we completely strip the aircraft inside and out. All of the tail surfaces are removed including the vertical and horizontal stabilizers. We have STC SA2793SW which is a rudder bracket reinforcement, SA4007SW which is a structural improvement parts kit for the flaps and elevators. The whole aircraft is powerwashed inside and out, all surfaces are inspected. The landing gear gets updated (much-stronger) drag links, the tail system attach areas get a doubler added and all new attachment hardware before the tail components are reinstalled. All hoses are replaced, control surface hinges/bearings…all hydraulic components overhauled, all moving parts in the whole airframe get re-bushed or bearings replaced as applicable….the list gets pretty long. In short, we are very thorough with our airframe overhauls.

Montana Diamond Aire has several Piper Apache airframes available for made-to-order Piper Geronimo Conversions.  Order today and we can have you in the air by early 2010!

Please email for more info.  Please visit our website as well

Press Accolades For Our Piper Geronimo Conversion!

Aircraft Marketplace Article
Aircraft Marketplace Article

We are pleased to announce that our Piper Apache to Geronimo conversion was featured as the “Bird of the Week” for April 22nd on the Aircraft Marketplace website.

To view the entire article, please go to .

The Next Generation Piper Geronimo

Piper Geronimo Engine Test

Piper Geronimo Engine Test

The next-generation Geronimo, powered by 2 factory-new Fuel Injected Lycoming IO-360 Roller Cam Equipped 200 HP Engines will be completed by the end of April. Check back for test flight reports. This will be the first 200 Hp Roller Cam-equipped model in the world!
Montana Diamond Aire holds the exclusive STC for this engine upgrade for the Piper Geronimo.

We currently have Piper Apache airframes available for conversion to Piper Geronimo.  Order yours today and you can be in the aire by early 2010!  These conversions are made to order and the fuel-injected Lycoming 360Io 200 HP roller cam equipped engine can be incorporated in to your aircraft!
For more info please email